About iMusic

Danish webshop for music, merchandise, movies and books since 2005

iMusic started up in Aarhus C back in 2005 with a desire to offer one of the widest selections of CDs and DVDs on the danish market. And we succeeded! Our business has grown rapidly in the years since its inception, as have our ambitions, and we have during the years since then broadened our product range to encompass vinyl, books, K-pop and merchandise from both within and outside the danish borders. Today we have one of the largest assortments in Scandinavia.

Since 2018, we expanded the business with a physical store that sells vinyl, K-pop and CDs and more. Due to our enormous growth, we moved in 2021 from our address in Aarhus C to larger premises in Risskov simultaneously expanded our physical record store - with a primary focus on vinyl and K-pop.

Our webshop expands to foreign markets

In 2010, iMusic was selected as the supplier under SKI's (Statens og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice) contracts for supplying to libraries and schools. New contracts were added, and from 2012 to 2016 we acted as the main supplier of music to the libraries in Denmark. In 2016, iMusic won the contract covering delivery of all Danish books, films and games to the libraries and school libraries, and in the period from 2016 to 2021 we delivered over 4 million books to the danish libraries and school libraries from our warehouse in Risskov. Thus we do even offer a huge assortment of danish, english and international books in our webshop.

At the beginning of 2021, we made the decision to focus the business on our webshop, imusic.dk, and expand this further to foreign markets. The Norwegians, Germans and Swedes were the first to welcome us, and since then we have achieved satisfied customers in more than 30 countries, who can access our website on several different domains and languages (imusic.dk, imusic.se, imusic.no, imusic.de, imusic.es, imusic.co, imusic.br.com, imusic.uk, imusic.ca, imusic.ch, imusic.fi, imusic.fr, imusic.be and imusic.nl).

Among Scandinavia's largest webshops- but still valuing excellent and personal customer service

Our rapid development has taken place in a market that is regularly deemed the losing part in the competition against digitalisation. The explanation as to why iMusic has managed to keep growing over the years is that we are constantly expanding our supplier network to such an extent that our selection of products is among the largest in Europe today, with many millions of products on the website. This helps to ensure that we can consistently offer both popular and niche items, and both new and rare - always at great prices. If one supplier can't deliver the goods, we have a long list of alternatives that we can use. Our website is updated daily with data from our suppliers, so that both discounted items, overstock, new releases and the like become available on the website almost at the exact moment our suppliers announce them.

In addition, despite continued growth, we constantly strive to keep our feet on the ground and provide personal customer service, where sincerity and passion are key - always with a desire to provide the best service to the individual customer. This reflects in our high Trustscore on Trustpilot

Whether you are looking for books, music, movies or merchandise - welcome to iMusic!