# Do you have the item in stock?

Most of our items are not stocked in our own warehouse and are ordered from external suppliers as soon as we get an order from a customer.

If an item is in our own stock, they are identified by the words "In stock".

Items that are not in stock, will have a stated time frame in the "Expected to be ready for shipping" field. These goods have to be collected from a supplier, and therefore the indicated expected delivery time has to be taken into account, before we can send it to you.

We have no possibility to order items that are not listed on our website, as none of our suppliers have informed of availability. As soon as they inform the item to be available, it will automatically be listed on our website as well.

# When will my order be shipped?

You can always check the shipping time estimate, and other information for each item, by clicking on the cover or the title e.g. in the result of your search.

If your item is in stock, we will generally dispatch it on the day of ordering, if your order is submitted on a working day before 1pm (CET). Alternatively, we will ship it the next working day. During busy periods, stock items may take longer to be dispatched (e.g. during the Christmas period). However, if stock items are ordered together with non-stock items, the entire order will, as a rule, be shipped together as soon as the last item has arrived on our stock.

Shipping times are updated on a daily basis, based on the typical delivery time from the selected supplier, but in some cases an item can be received in our warehouse earlier or later than expected.

You can always check the status of your order in your order overview on your customer account.

# When will my order be delivered to my address?

In addition to the expected shipping time for each item informed on the product description, you need to calculate the transit time your chosen freight carrier needs to deliver your order to your address.

Delivery from our warehouse to your address varies depending on the chosen shipping method and country of destination. Estimated delivery time on your address can be found in checkout step 2 (Delivery) under each shipping method possible.

Estimated transit time (standard delivery):

Within EU: approx. 3-6 working days

Outside EU: approx. 10-15 working days (excl. time for poss. custom handling)

You may also choose express delivery upon checkout.

Be aware that delays in transit times can occur. You will always be able to follow your order on the tracking link provided in your shipping confirmation.

If your order does not arrive and seems lost on its way, please contact our customer service.

# When will my order be shipped if I have ordered more than one item?

All ordered items are sent in one shipment and no sooner than upon receipt of the last item from our supplier.

If you change your mind, and the waiting time for some items of your order is too long, we can offer to split your order. We do charge you for the additional shipping costs, by sending you a payment link for payment of the remaining shipping amount by email. Contact our customer service and we will split your order for you.

# Can I check the order status on my own?

Yes, you can always log into your customer account and check the status of your order. Click onto "My Account" and find your order under "My orders" for further information.

# My order shows as not being paid. When do you charge for my order?

We do not charge your credit card / Paypal / Apple Pay account for your order before your order is shipped. This means your order will be shown as not paid until your order is packed and ready for dispatch.

In case your payment can not be charged upon dispatch, we will hold your package and send you a new link for payment. As soon as your payment is registered, your package will be dispatched. In case your payment is not received after our third email and 10 days from packing, we will consider this as a wish from you to cancel your order. You are of course welcome to reorder.

# Carriers and costs

The shipping/handling fee is not included in the product price and is depending on the order weight, package dimensions and country of destination.

We do offer shipping with Postnord (distributed by your national post), DHL, UPS and GLS. There are both standard and express shipping, parcel shops and home delivery to choose between. Regional differences can restrict the possibilities.

Try ordering what you want, continue to step 2 in Checkout and you can see which carriers apply and the exact shipping costs for your order and your address prior to submitting the order.

World wide shipping

iMusic ships worldwide. Information about shipping methods and shipping rates to other countries can be found by entering the relevant delivery address and country of delivery in checkout, step 2.

For orders outside the EU

Local customs, taxes and custom clearance fees may apply and be charged from the shipping company upon arrival. Such taxes and fees must be paid by the customer. Local taxes and fees are NOT included in the price shown in our order basket. iMusic has no information on local customs tax amounts to be paid upon arrival. Many countries allow packages of small amounts to pass customs clearance without any cost/taxes/fees. Please check the legal regulations in your country for further information before ordering.

# Can I track my shipment?

You will receive a Track & Trace link from iMusic in your delivery confirmation, so that you can follow your order on its journey to you.

In case there are issues with delivery, for example your order does not arrive or seems to be lost, please contact our customer service.

# What payment methods do you offer and when do you charge?

We do offer the following payment methods:

  • ▪ Credit card (Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express, DinersClub)
  • ▪ Paypal
  • ▪ Klarna (only some countries)
  • ▪ Apple Pay
  • ▪ Google Pay

The payment methods offered may vary from country to country. Try ordering what you want, and you can see which payment methods apply for your address on Step 3 in Checkout.

Be aware that even though you are authorizing your payment upon placing your order, the final charge from iMusic will take place upon dispatch of your order. In some cases you can see a transaction on your account from the beginning, which only is an expression for the reservation of the order amount.

As payment authorizations might expire after approx. one month (different for each payment method), we might ask you to reauthorize your payment by email, if necessary.

# Why is my credit card refused?

If your Credit Card transaction is rejected, it may be of incorrectly entered information. Please check and try again.

Needed information:

* Card-(not account-number): 16 big digits on the front of your card.

* Month and year: F.ex. 10/12 meaning 10th month year 2012. Not 12th month 2010!

* CVC: 3 digits upper right corner of the field for your signature. You can also find a detailed explanation by clicking on the question mark next to the CVC field.

Missing or unsuccessful 3D payment authentication may also be the reason for refusal of credit cards.

If your payment by credit card is continuously refused, please try another payment method.

# Can I cancel / change an order prior to dispatch?

You can cancel an order that has not been dispatched at any time free of charge.

You are also welcome to request changes to your order (e.g. to add or remove items), as long as your order is not being prepared for shipping yet.

You can do this by calling us during our telephone opening hours or by sending us an email to info@imusic.dk stating that you wish to cancel / change your order. Please note that it might take a little longer to handle written requests. Give us a call, if shipping time is close, to be sure we can reach to stop your order.

In case of cancellation your payment authorization will automatically be canceled as well. If you choose to cancel items from your order, your payment will automatically be adjusted upon dispatch. For additions to an order, we do send a new payment link for paying the remaining balance.

Has your order already been shipped upon cancellation, you are welcome to use your Right of Withdrawal and return your order to us. See also the next paragraph.

# Can I return received items (Right of Withdrawal)?

The deadline for canceling an order is 14 days from the date on which you received the items or on which a third party you have appointed, who is not the carrier, takes possession of the product delivered.

To cancel your order, you will need to notify us of the cancellation. You can do this by sending an email to info@imusic.dk and stating that you want to cancel the purchase. You are also welcome to call our customer service in Denmark at +45 86 13 73 43 (Central European Time). In case you want to call, check our office opening hours and possible time difference in advance.

You cannot cancel by refusing to receive the item or by refraining from picking it up without giving notice that you are canceling. You must send your message stating that you are canceling your purchase before the cancellation deadline.

We reserve the right to refuse returns of any items that do not meet the below return conditions and will in those cases not refund shipping costs, return shipping costs, applying customs or other fees, that might apply. For further information on return costs see the next paragraph.

In order to be eligible for a return of any items, please make sure that:

  • ▪ The items were delivered during the last 14 days
  • ▪ The item seal has not been broken (valid for all music formats and movies)
  • ▪ The article is unused (valid for merchandise, clothes, books and vinyl accessories)
  • ▪ You have informed iMusic about the return in advance
  • ▪ You ensure proper packing when returning the items to iMusic
  • ▪ You have paid for return shipping (se also the next paragraph)

# Returns and shipping costs (Right of Withdrawal)

You are responsible for any shipping costs and other fees for returning goods to us. Ensure that the items are well protected during shipping, we will not refund any items that have been damaged during the return shipment to iMusic.

Please send returning goods to the following address:

iMusic A/S

Sindalsvej 36

DK-8240 Risskov


Please include a short message stating your name and order number to ensure smooth handling of your return at our warehouse.

Items must be returned unused, undamaged and in their intact, original wrapping. You will have to pay the return postage. Returned items sent as "cash on delivery" will not be accepted.

However, if a customer outside the EU neglects to pay for possible import taxes, customs duties or other fees applying upon arrival to the final country, the customer refuses to receive the shipment or the customs authorities are returning an order due to a mistake made by the customer or if the order is returned to iMusic for any reason that is not the fault of iMusic, iMusic will withdraw shipping costs and shipping costs for the return to Denmark before refunding the remaining amount paid.

Furthermore we do strongly recommend for customers outside the EU not to return any orders, due to immense costs for import tax to the EU, which we unfortunately need to withdraw before making a refund. If you want to cancel your order, please always contact our customer service in advance, so that we can find an alternative solution for you. In case of orders/items returning from outside the EU, we do have to charge a minimum of 30 EUR for Import tax. Any unpaid charges related to the return will be withdrawn before refunding the order amount.

# Complaints - If there is something wrong with an item

If you should receive a defective, faulty or damaged product or a product with content that does not match the item description on our website, you can complain within 24 months from the date of delivery by contacting us at info@imusic.dk or tel. +45 86 13 73 43.

A claim must always be made within reasonable time after you discovered the defect. We will process the complaint as soon as possible and return to you, if a price reduction or a full refund can be offered or not. If the order only contained the one item that is the subject of the complaint, iMusic will also refund the shipping costs for that order.

We ask you to describe the problem in as much detail as possible, by sending pictures and/or videos of the defect. If you complain more than 6 months after receiving the goods, you must be able to prove that the defect was present when you received the goods. However, for the first 6 months, the burden of proof lies with iMusic.

In order to obtain compensation for a complaint, the defect must have been present before you received the goods. If the damage is due to usage, iMusic will not provide compensation.

In some cases, we may receive an unsealed item from our supplier. Therefor we do not accept missing sealing foil as a reason for a complaint if the product otherwise is free of defects. iMusic does not sell second hand products. A missing seal does not mean that a product is used.

For orders within the EU we may choose to provide a return label, if necessary. If you choose to return the item on your own in another way or without our acknowledgment, we will refund the amount it would have cost us if you had used iMusics return label, but only if the complaint is justified. If the claim is not justified, all shipping costs in the complaint case will be charged to the customer.

Due to immense return costs and long transit times for shipments from outside the EU to Denmark, we do not require the return of defective items. Instead we may ask for proof of destruction of the defective item, in order for us to issue a full refund.

However, a return of a defective item on our costs, must at any time be accepted by our customer service in advance.

Complaints - special guidelines for K-pop

K-pop (Korean pop) is a special product category where each product typically comes in several different versions, which are initially distributed randomly.

You are always welcome to indicate a preferred version in a comment to your order (this is done at Step 2 during check-out). However, it cannot be guaranteed that the preferred version will be available. If you order 2 or more of the same album, please leave a comment in your order if you do not want us to send identical versions. You will be contacted if the requested version cannot be delivered.

If you have received a version other than the preferred version and you wish to return the received version, you are still entitled to the general right of withdrawal, provided that you have not broken the seal on the product. As the buyer, you are responsible for the return costs.

# Can I save the items for later?

You can save items to order them later by either parking your shopping cart (only possible in some instances) or by creating a wish list. Please see the next two paragraphs for further information.

Please be aware that it is not possible to reserve items in any of those two possibilities, and stock status and prices might change and be updated in the meantime.

# Can I "park" my shopping cart?

If you have accepted cookies, have chosen the “remember me” function and depending on your browser settings, your shopping cart can be parked for at least 48 hours. If you want to park items longer than that, please use the wish list function.

We do not recommend parking your shopping cart though. Please be aware that items in a parked shopping cart are NOT reserved and can be sold out in the meantime. In rare cases prices can also be adjusted while a cart is parked, if prices are updated in the meantime.

# Can I create a wish list?

Yes, you can easily create a new wishlist and add items to your wishlists (you need to be logged in). When logged in, you will be able to add items to your wishlists by finding the products on our website and clicking on the gray bar below the 'buy'-button. If you haven't already created a wishlist a new one will be created automatically with today's date as the name of the wishlist.

Wishlists can be found under "My account > Wishlist".

# Can I send a wish list to someone?

Yes. Wish lists can easily be sent to friends and family! Log in, click "Wish lists" and open the wish list you want to send. Fill out the section “Send wishlist to a friend” with the requested information and click on send.

# Why do you have several different prices for the same items?

Many items come in slightly different versions, with for example different pressing years, track lists or manufacturing countries. As some customers prefer to be able to pick exactly what version they're buying, we're listing all these different versions available from all of our many suppliers. That's why some almost identical items can have a shorter shipping time from one supplier or a lower price from another supplier.

# Are prices shown including VAT, customs etc.?

For countries within the EU

All product prices shown are excluding shipping costs and including VAT. VAT is automatically calculated and adjusted depending on the regulations of the country of destination. There are no further taxes or fees applying for orders within the EU.

VAT and orders to the UK

All prices shown on our UK website are including 20% UK VAT. In case your order amount incl. freight and excl. VAT exceeds £135, UK VAT will not be collected from iMusic, as payment of VAT and additional handling charges will be charged upon arrival to the UK directly from the carrier. We will notify you of any changes in the VAT calculation in your order amount when you proceed to step 3 (payment) during checkout. In the order summary on step 3, before you proceed with the payment, you can find specifications about the applicable VAT-rate for your order in advance. You will find this information in your order confirmation email as well.

For countries outside the EU

For orders shipped to countries outside the EU, shipping costs, local customs taxes and custom clearance fees may apply and be charged from the shipping company upon arrival. Such taxes and fees must be paid by the customer. Local taxes and fees are not included in the price shown in our order basket. iMusic has no information on local customs tax amounts to be paid upon arrival. Many countries allow packages of small amounts to pass customs clearance without any cost/taxes/fees. Please check the legal regulations in your country for further information before ordering.

If a customer outside the EU neglects to pay for possible import taxes, customs duty or other fees applying upon arrival to the final country or refuses to receive the shipment, iMusic will withdraw shipping costs, shipping costs for the return to Denmark before refunding the remaining amount paid.

VAT for your shopping basket can be recalculated upon change of currency or when the country of destination is changed during checkout.

# Can I change / correct the details of my customer account?

Yes, you can easily change your address, billing and delivery address and even the preferred currency and language in mails from us. Log in, click on “My Account” in the upper right corner, and choose “Edit Profile” to make the changes on your own.

Changes of your address in your customer account do not affect open orders. Do you want to change an address in your order, please contact us.

In case you want us to delete your customer account, please send us an email.

# "Wrong password"

You might have entered the number 0 as the letter 0? Or letter l as number 1?

Try once more and if the problem remains, click on “Forgot your password?” to be able to choose a new password.

# I forgot my password. What do I do?

Go to the login page and click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions to get a new one.

# When I try to log in, I get the message "No users registered with this e-mail address". I am a registered user, so what do I do?

When registering, you either have entered a different email address or misspelled your email. Try again and if the problem consists, send an email to info@imusic.dk stating "login problem" as the subject. Remember to include your telephone number. We will then contact you as soon as possible to help you further.

# When I try to log in, I am redirected to the log in page. What do I do?

Either your browser settings are incorrect: Press the [F5]-button and then [enter].

Or check if you are already logged in. Look in the top right corner beside the search field: If you can find the "My account" menu, then you are already logged in.

# Can I change my password by myself?

Yes, you can easily change your password by logging in, clicking on "My Account" in the upper right corner, and choosing "Edit Profile". Here you will have the possibility to change your password.

# When placing an order, I get the error message "Security failure. Data decryption error". What do I do?

The security level of our system requires a newer browser version. Please update your browser and try again.

# I am not receiving any e-mails from iMusic. What can I do?

The most common reason for iMusic emails not reaching the recipient is a misspelled email address.

Please check that you have entered the correct email address in your account, by clicking on "My Account" in the upper right corner. In case you want to change your email address, you can do so under "Edit Profile".

It may also be due to a spam filter of your mail provider that is set up incorrectly. Check your spam folder or other folders your mail provider might use (promotions etc). Try adding our mail (info@imusic.dk) as a contact in your address book and see if this helps.

Another common reason for emails not going through is that your mailbox is full. Mail providers (e.g. hotmail.com) have a maximum limit on how much a mailbox can hold. If the mailbox is full, emails cannot be received. You should therefore always delete unimportant read mails so that there is room for new ones before the limit is reached.

# Couldn't find an answer to your question?

If you couldn't find the answer to your question, you are of course welcome to contact us by email or during opening hours by telephone. Contact iMusic